The sari, that costs more, than a Mercedes Benz car!!

How often do you come across a pure silk sari, that costs a few Million Rupees (US$100,000)? Chennai Silks, a textile shop in Chennai, South India, has come up with one such, and is seeking an unmistakable entry, into the Guinness book of world records, for being the most unique and expensive saree, ever.

This exceptionally stunning sari, is meticulously woven with 12 precious stones and precious metals, to depict 11 of Raja Ravi Verma’s popular paintings. Explicitly projected, is, ‘Lady Musicians’, one of Raja Ravi Verma’s very famous works, which displays women, belonging to diverse cultural backgrounds.

Besides, the border of the sari, features 10 other paintings, of that famous 20th century artist.

The best part of the saree, is that the women depicted in the sari, have been intricately handwoven and beautified, with jewels of gold, diamond, platinum, silver, rubies, emeralds, yellow sapphires, blue sapphires, cat’s eyes, topazes, pearls and corals.
Already in the Limca Book of Records, this sari, will be the first silk sari, which required the use of 7,440 jacquard hooks, and 66,794 cards, during its weaving process. More over, a group of consummate workers took 4,680 hours, to complete the task.

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