nobody is an island

Lisa is 14 years old and a divorced child. She is allowed to visit her father every month. She is also allowed to spend her holidays with him. Lisa wants to spend her holidays by the sea, preferably on an island.

Günther, her father, is not enthusiastic at first, but Lisa knows how to wrap her father around her finger. And in fact, her father says to her: “A good acquaintance will soon organise our holidays on a North Sea island”.

During the trip, he talks about his good friend. Anita will help them in many things. Lisa, who can count two and two together, grins and asks her father: “Anita is your girlfriend, isn’t she? While Günther doesn’t answer, Lisa says laughing: “Dad, that’s no problem, if you have a girlfriend, I don’t mind”. Günther is relieved and smiles.

When they arrive on the island by ferry, Günther points to a woman standing on the quay and says: “Look, the lady there with the pink trousers is Anita.” Lisa thinks for herself, aha, so this will be a holiday for three. She feels Anita, who is a few years younger than her mother, is nice and cheerful.

The accommodation is a small detached house with a huge garden. Lisa is happy, she gets her own room. From there she can see the sea and hear the sound of the waves.

Anita and Lisa prepare dinner. Lisa tells Anita laughing that her dad is seasick on the ferry and felt unwell during the journey over the ocean. Anita then asks: “Could it be that he is simply afraid of the vastness of the sea? Lisa is amazed at this answer and says quietly: “Oh, maybe that’s why we never went to an island during the holidays.”

After they have enjoyed the good dinner together, they enjoy the beautiful clear starry sky.

At some point, Lisa asks: “Why do the adults have to argue and separate? Günther says nothing about it but just stares into the grass.

Anita clears her throat and answers: You know, nobody is an island but we humans sometimes want to be an island. We are different like ebb and flow. Sometimes we want to be sociable; sometimes we prefer to be alone.

However, ebb and flow belong inseparably together, but with us, human beings is often not the case. On the other hand, during a violent storm, something often breaks from an island and is lost forever. Likewise, things break between two people in the storm of life. Then we do not even want to talk to each other to clear up any misunderstandings.

Lisa and Günther have become very quiet and are thinking about it.

Then Günther suddenly says, as if he had awakened from a deep sleep: “Lisa, tomorrow at low tide, we can go for a mudflat walk.

“Oh yes,” Lisa replies enthusiastically. “You know, Dad, we will walk along the beach.

“Great, says Günther, we can certainly collect a lot of colorful mussels there” and he rejoices like a cheerful boy

Anita and Lisa both look at each other and smile.

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