y only Indians are Reborn !

Why only Indians are Reborn (based on the Karma system)

Angel Gabriel came to the Lord and said:

“I have to talk to you.

“We have some Indians here in Heaven and they are causing problems.

“They are swinging on the Pearly Gates, my horn is missing, they are wearing Dolce & Gabbana saris instead of their white robes, they are driving Mercedes and BMWs instead of chariots, and they’re selling off their halos at discounted prices.

“They refuse to keep the stairway to Heaven clear or clean, since they crouch on the stairs midway, eating samosas and drinking chai (tea).

“They do not believe in discipline, and push their way through the line!”

The Lord said, “Oh, Indians are Indians! Heaven is home to all my children. If you want to know about real problems, give Saitan a call.”

Gabriel calls Saitan on the phone.

Saitan picks up the phone,”Hullo! Saitan here.”

Gabriel – “Are you having any problems with the Indians in Hell?”

Saitan says: “I’m sorry, Gabriel, I can’t talk right now. “I am having a terrible time!

“These Indians are installing air conditioning and are trying to make Hell a comfortable place to live in by putting out the fire, which is there to keep them sizzling hot !!

“Since they are so tech savvy, they are making a telephone and Internet connection between Heaven and Hell, between ME & GOD !!

“They have started a network Social Service for the Troubled, and are excellent in convincing others.

“Some have opened a Chai Dukan with Bhajia, Khandvi, Dhokla, Chakli, Pau-Bhaji, Idli-Dosa, Samosa, Barfi, Kulfi, which I tried to stop.

“They are corrupting everyone, and bribing my staff.

“I have difficulty in controlling the graft and corruption in Hell.

“They never complain, as this place seems to be better than from where they came!

“I therefore request, “Oh GOD, PLEASE, as soon as Indians arrive, send them back to earth – for re-birth.”

So now you know – “Why Indians are the only ones that are re-born..”

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