Never learnt much about Shivaji in history in School. Amazed at what many think of him:

“From Kabul to Kandahar my Taimur family created the Mogul Sultanate. Iraq, Iran, Turkistan and in many more countries my army defeated ferocious warriors. But in India Shivaji put brakes on us. I spent my maximum energy on Shivaji but could not bring him to his knees.

Ya Allah, you gave me an enemy, fearless and upright, please keep your doors to heaven open for him because the world’s best and large hearted warrior is coming to you.”

-Aurangzeb (After Shivaji’s death, while reading Namaz)

“That day Shivaji just didn’t chop of my fingers but also chopped off my pride. I fear to meet him even in my dreams.”

–Shahista Khan.

“Is there no man left to defeat Shivaji in my kingdom??”

  • Frustrated Begum Ali Adilshah.

“Netaji, your country does not require any Hitler to throw out British. All you need to teach is Shivaji’s history.”

-Adolf Hitler

“Had Shivaji been born in England, we would not only have ruled earth but the whole Universe.”

-Lord Mountbatten

“Had Shivaji lived for another ten years, the British would not have seen the face of India.”

— A British Governer

_If India needs to be made independent then there is only one way out, ‘Fight like Shivaji’.”


“Shivaji is just not a name, it is an energy source for Indian youth, which can be used to make India free.”

  • Swami Vivekananda.

“Had Shivaji been born in America, we would nomenclared him as SUN.”

  • Barrack Obama

The famous war of Umberkhind is mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records:

“The 30,000 strong army of Kartalab Khan from Uzbekistan was defeated by mere 1000 mawalas of Shivaji. Not a single Uzbeki was left alive to return back home.”

Shivaji was a King of International fame. In the span of 30 yrs of his career he fought with only two Indian warriors. All the others were outsiders.

Shahista Khan, who feared Shivaji even in his dreams was King of Abu Taliban and Turkistan.

Behlol Khan Pathan, Sikandar Pathan, Chidar Khan Pathan were all warrior sardars of Afghanistan.

Diler Khan Pathan was the great warrior of Mangolia. All of them bit dust in front of Shivaji.

Sidhhi Jowhar and Salaba Khan were Iranian warriors, who got defeated by Shivaji.

Sidhhi Jowhar later planned a sea attack. In response Shivaji raised a navy, the first Indian Navy. But before accomplishing the task Shivaji left this world. (He was poisoned.)

Google “Shivaji, the Management Guru.” It’s a full subject in Boston University.

Yet, we Indians know so little about him….. what a pity…. atleast let us make our future generation to know about this great INDIAN

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