Role of the alphabet ‘C’ during Corona

Did you notice that the Letter “C” has shot to prominence in this Covid-19 era?

See the sea of Changes that the letter C has brought!

No one expected that the alphabet “C” would play a Completely overwhelming role compared with any of the other alphabets…

Coronavirus (C)
Covid-19 (C)
Case (C)
Confirmed (C) Confinement (C) Contamination (C)
Containment (C)
Curfew (C)

Two most serious “C”s are,
Cemetery (C)
Cremation (C)

The possible remedial drug is, Chloroquine (C)

The beauty is, it started from China (C)..

But at the same time,
GOD smiled, and said…

Cleanliness (is the remedy…)
Courage (is the need of the hour…)
Compliance to the expert advice…
Contention to overcome the crisis…
Clarity of thought…
Cooperation with the fellow beings…
Caring for the needy…
and finally
is awaited…in a Short while…

Cure is definitely going to come.


Never have I seen such a mess in life.

The air is pure but wearing a mask is mandatory.

Roads are empty but it is impossible to go on long drive.

People have clean hands but there is a ban on shaking hands.

Friends have time to sit together but they cannot get together.

The cook inside you is crazy, but you cannot call anyone to lunch or dinner.

On every Monday, the heart longs for the office but the weekend does not seem to end.

Those who have money have no way to spend it.

Those who don’t have money have no way to earn it.

There is enough time on hand but you cannot fulfill your dreams.

The culprit is all around but cannot be seen.

If someone leaves this world, he cannot be bid adieu.

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