Monkeys in the Palace  

A story for kids (and adults) to rethink

Story of Monkeys in an ancient Indian Palace – designed for Teachers

One day, a group of adventurous monkeys were wandering through a lonely forest when they came across an abandoned palace.

As they explored the ancient building, one little monkey decided to venture inside to see what he could find. But as he made his way through the halls, he was startled by a ghostly figure moving quickly about.

Terrified, the monkey ran back to the group and told them about the terrifying demon he had encountered.

A young female monkey, however, was sceptical. Deciding to investigate for herself, she cautiously entered the room where the ghost had been seen. To her surprise, she found a peaceful monkey who seemed very gentle and calm. The young monkey apologised for disturbing the ghost and quickly retreated.

When an old monkey heard about the young monkey’s encounter, he explained that the “ghost” was actually just a reflection of himself in a tall, vertical pond that people had built.

Realising that there was nothing to fear, the group of monkeys decided to continue their journey elsewhere.

As they left the abandoned palace, the old monkey’s words stayed with them. They couldn’t help but wonder about the mysterious ‘vertical pond’ and how it had played a part in their encounter with the ghostly figure.

As a teacher, this story could be used to teach students about the power of perception and how our own biases and experiences can shape the way we see and understand the world around us.

Confusion is part of the game. And actually being frightened is part of the game, too. You have to figure out how to engage with that confusion, engage with that fear, and flip that into an opportunity.

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