India the most tolerant nation in the world

Khalaf Al-Harbi is a liberal columnist, and a thinker from Saudi Arabia. His liberal views and objective columns on various issues are a big hit and widely discussed across the world!

In his latest column in ‘Saudi Gazette’, he heaps praises over India, describing her as the most tolerant nation on earth!

In his column titled ‘India – A Country that rides Elephants’, Khalaf Al-Harbi writes: “In India, there are more than 100 religions, and more than 100 languages! Yet, the people live in peace and harmony! They have all joined hands to build a strong nation, that can produce everything from a sewing needle to the rocket which is preparing to launch man to go to Mars!

I must say that I feel a bit jealous, because I come from a part of the world which has one religion and one language, and yet there is killing almost everywhere. No matter how the world speaks about tolerance, India remains the oldest and most important school to teach tolerance and peaceful co-existence, regardless of the religious, social, political or ethnical differences!”

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