India had 732000 Gurukuls during 18 Century

The first school in England opened in 1811 . At that time India had 732000 Gurukuls. Find out how
our Gurukul got closed.
How did Gurukul end
First tell you what were studied in Gurukul of our Sanatan culture tradition! It is necessary to know what was studied in Rishikul after Aryavarta’s Gurukul. Change your thoughts with this education and remove the popular delusions!
01 Agni Vidya (Metallurgy)
02 Vayu Vidya (Flight)
03 Water Education (Navigation)
04 Space Science (Space Science)
05 Prithvi Vidya (Environment)
06 Surya Vidya (Solar Study)
07 Chandra and Lok Vidya (Lunar Study)
08 Megh Vidya (Weather Forecast)
09 Substance Electric Education (Battery)
10 Solar Energy Vidya (Solar Energy)
11 Day/ night vidya
12 Srishti Vidya (Space Research)
13 Astronomy
14 Geography knowledge (Geography)
15 Kal Vidya (Time)
16 Geology Education (Geology Mining)
17 Gemstones and Metals (Gems & Metals)
18 Attraction Vidya (Gravity)
19 Prakash Vidya (Solar Energy)
20 Vidya (Communication)
21 Aircraft Vidya (Plane)
22 Jalayan Vidya (Water Vessels)
23 Agneya Astra Vidya (Arms & Ammunition)
24 Biology Sciences (Zoology Botany)
25 Yagna Vidya (Material Sic)

  • This is the talk of scientific education. Now let’s talk about professional and technical education!*
    26 Commerce (Commerce)
    27 Agriculture (Agriculture)
    28 Animal husbandry (Animal Husbandry)
    29 Bird Keeping (Bird Keeping)
    30 Animal Training (Animal Training)
    31 Yan Machine (Mechanics)
    32 Chariot (Vehicle Designing)
    33 Ratankar (Gems)
    34 Gold Car (Jewellery Designing)
    35 Clothing Man (Textile)
    36 Pottery (Pottery)
    37 Blacksmith (Metallurgy)
    38 Takkas
    39 Dying (Dying)
    40 Khatwakar
    41 Rajjukar (Logistics)
    42 Architect (Architect)
    43 Cuisine (Cooking)
    44 Chariot (Driving)
    45 River Manager (Water Management)
    46 Indicators (Data Entry)
    47 Cowshala Manager (Animal Husbandry)
    48 Garden Tents (Horticulture)
    49 Forest Pal (Horticulture)
    50 Measured (Paramedical)
    All this education was taught in Gurukul, but with time, when Gurukul disappeared, this knowledge also disappeared! Today, the future of the youth of our country is being destroyed by the Macaulay method, then in such a time, the redemption of Gurukul is needed.

How did Gurukul end in India? Convent schools ruined. Indian Education Act was formed in 1858 It was drafted by ‘Lord Macaulay’. Even before he had conducted a survey of education system here (India), many Britishers had given their reports about India’s education system. One of the British officer was G.W. Luther and the other was Thomas Munro! Both of them had surveyed different areas at different times. Luther, who surveyed North India, wrote that there is 97 % literacy here and Munro, who surveyed South India, wrote that here there is 100% literacy.

Macaulay had clearly said that if India is to be slaves forever, its ′′ indigenous and cultural education system ′′ must be completely demolished and replaced with ′′ English education system ′′ and only then only in body Indians but English will be born from the brain and when they leave the university of this country, they will work in our interest.

Macaulay is using an idiom – ′′ Just as a farm is thoroughly plowed before a crop is planted, so must it be plowed and brought in the English education system. ′′ That’s why he first declared Gurukuls illegal. Then he declared Sanskrit illegal and the Gurukul’s of this country he finished it by roaming around setting them on fire, beat the teachers in it and put them in jail.

Till 1850 there were ‘ 7 lakh 32 thousand ‘ Gurukul in this country and at that time there were ‘ 7 lakhs 50 thousand ‘ villages in India. Meaning every village had an average Gurukul and all these Gurukuls used to be ‘ Higher Learning Institute ‘ in today’s language. 18 subjects were taught in all of them and these people of Gurukul Samaj used to run these together, not by the king.

Education was given free in Gurukuls. This is how all Gurukuls were abolished and then English education was legalized and the first convent school opened in Calcutta. That time it was called ‘free school’. Under this law, Calcutta University was created in India, Bombay University was created, Madras University was created, these three slavery-era universities are still in the country!

Macaulay had written a letter to his father. It is a very famous letter, in it he writes: ′′ These convent schools will bring out children who look like Indians but are English by brain and they don’t know anything about their country. They won’t know anything about their culture, they won’t have any idea about their traditions, they will not know their idioms, when such children are there in this country, even if the British go away, English will not leave this country. ′′ The truth of the letter written at that time is clearly visible in this country now and see the misery of the act that we are ashamed to speak our own language. Speak in English to be called an educated. We feel inferior of ourselves who are ashamed to speak our own language.

People argue that English is the international language. There are 204 countries in the world and the English language is spoken, read and understood in only 11 countries, then how is this international language? Even in terms of words, English is not rich but poor language. The bible of these British was not in English and Jesus Christ did not speak English. The language of Jesus Christ and the language of the Bible were Armec. The script of Armek language was similar to our Bangla language. That language went extinct in the time cycle.

The language in the United Nations is not English, all the work there is in French. A society that is cut off from its mother tongue never gets good and this was Macaulay’s strategy! In which almost they have conquered because today’s youth knows more about Europe than India. Considers Indian culture as dhakosla but imitates western countries. Supports the leftist despite not knowing the importance and characteristics of religion.

A pricking question to all the brothers, we all should know about religion. Because religion teaches us nationalism, religion teaches us socialism, religion motivates us to sacrifice our life for parents, teachers and nation. Tradition is a spiritual science, spirituality is the richer science than the science we all know today…

Lets think. Let us appeal to our Govt to establish Vedic Gurukuls to re-establish Guru Shishya Parampara to get rid of Macaulay’s diabolic education system which is creating Tukde Gang instead of patriotism among the youth.
Vande Mataram+Vande Gau Mataram.

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