Empathy & Maturity

The ability to listen, understand and empathise creates a feeling of trust and friendship in others. If I am always willing to listen, I can help them discover their own solutions to the problems they have to face.
Frankl once told the story of a woman who called him in the middle of the night to calmly inform him she was about to commit suicide.
Frankl kept her on the phone and talked her through her depression, giving her reason after reason to carry on living.
Finally, she promised she would not take her life, and she kept her word.
When they later met, Frankl asked which reason had persuaded her to live?
“None of them”, she told him.
“What then influenced her to go on living, he pressed?
Her answer was simple, it was Frankl’s ‘willingness to listen’ to her in the middle of the night.
A world in which there was someone ready to listen to another’s pain seemed to her a world in which it was worthwhile to live.

Mind your Mind

Maturity is when you are able to drop expectations from a relationship and
give for the sake of giving,
Maturity is when you accept people for who they are,
Maturity doesn’t always come with age, it’s deeper than age,
It’s the way you see and understand things…
Think twice,
Act wise…
– written by an unknown author.

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