A request from Goddess Bhumi to Humans

Dear humans,

I am speaking to you today as Bhumi, the Goddess Earth, who is present all around you, giving your life and sustenance. I am disappointed in you because you have abused my gifts and harmed me through your actions. You have exploited my resources, destroyed my forests, polluted my rivers and oceans, and wiped out my animal and plant life.

You have caused climate change, which endangers my systems and threatens life on Earth. I recognize that you are concerned about your future and the future of your children and grandchildren. But I urge you to act before it is too late.

I implore you to reconsider your relationship with me and my ecosystem. You must stop taking my resources for granted and instead change your way of life to respect my cycle and use my gifts in a sustainable manner.

You must end your dependence on fossil fuels and use alternative sources of energy to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change. You must stop the loss of biological diversity by protecting my ecosystems and preserving my animal and plant life.

You must also unite your global efforts and work together to fight climate change and other environmental problems. Only by acting together can you overcome these global challenges and create a sustainable future for yourselves and future generations.

I am the Goddess Bhumi, giving you a chance to change and improve your actions. I appeal to you to listen to my message and take action. The future depends on your actions. Let us work together to preserve my systems and create a world where you and I can live in harmony.

Thank you.


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