Invisible in my Dream

In a dream, I found myself
In a village, colourful and bright
Where Tamil was the language spoken
And peasants danced with delight.

The streets were narrow, houses close
Each one a masterpiece in paint
Colours matching nature’s beauty
Green like mango leaves, so quaint.

Red, green, yellow, and white
Like bananas that grow so wild
The windows and doors so bright
Orange and pink, like a child.

Above each door, a name was painted
Families’ names in childlike scrawl
Each house had a mandala on the street
Kolam, white, beautiful and tall.

Children played and ran and screamed
Adults talking, shopping, or drinking chai
Men gathered, laughing and telling tales
Women cooking, or relaxing, under the sky.

I smiled and watched this beautiful scene
Taking it all in, amazed by what I’d seen
But suddenly I realized, to my surprise
That no one could see me, to my demise.

I was invisible, unnoticed, like a ghost
Frightened by this realization the most
And so I woke up, from this wonderful dream
Hoping to find that beautiful village, it may seem.

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