What is your choice!

by Bhashkar Perinchery

The words, ‘I can’t breathe’ – at this point in the situation of the world, is not only a helpless cry of a  human being who is being choked to death by people who are misled by a one-sided view of reality and intoxicated with power, but it is also the cry of the soul of this planet – it is the same cry of the mother earth ! ! !

It is the helpless cry of all the oppressed human beings – women, children, minority groups as well as other animals and birds who suffer helplessly from the cruelty of human beings who do not look or consider deeply what we are really doing to the others and to ourselves, in the long run !!!

   Numerous plants and animals are becoming extinct, and through blind automation and growing insensibility towards one’s own true needs and reality, we are moving very fast towards making ourselves extinct.
    Without gaining the right understanding, nor the right insight, people who are trapped in basic misunderstandings about themselves and the reality, often have come in different ways into power and are blindly and unintelligently doing harm to themselves and others!
It is a very deep Challenge that we are confronted with. We need to understand it rightly and take steps that are very individual.

The real challenge for all who are beginning to consider earnestly and courageously and want to do something to contribute to healthy development in the world is very subtle and delicate.
    It is, to move beyond an approach of force, intimidation, and violence – without nurturing any hate and revengefulness – and move patiently and persistently, into an approach of compassionate consideration of everyone’s situation. In this way, one is able to find deeper answers to handle the problems and situations, in a creative and intelligent way.

The natural basis of life has given us human beings a chance and the freedom – a responsibility to choose the direction of our future – to move towards a creative, loving coexistence, or pursue the automatic, habitual approach.
   Our automatic, habitual reactions are based mostly on a falsely interpreted, narrow idea of oneself, accompanied by inner states of indifference and unconscious settlements, which in course of time tragically culminate further into violence and destruction…..
  We have to recognize the fact that our real opponent or hindrance is not just this person or that person – it is a latent, not so conscious entanglement in certain attitudes and beliefs which are operating undercurrently in each of us.
   It is often unconsciously pulling us towards angry and violent reactions towards situations and people who, according to one’s judgment,  are insensitive, destructive or blind, etc. We need to clearly and courageously recognise that our real barrier is this unconscious entanglement in the inner automatism in oneself and in the other!
What is decisive is to go beyond a violence and negativity based reaction, in clarity and intelligence-based response.
   The hurt, angry and revengeful reactions which arise in us on such occasions are natural; but, we need to remain inwardly present to see this so that we don’t blindly give energy to those negative patterns of reaction which arise automatically in us. So on one side, we have to accept all that what we find in ourselves and on the other side we need to stay inwardly very wakeful and present to allow all that is arising within to become transparent to oneself.
I am not proposing to fix yourself in any particular attitude – it is more a perspective to find a balanced way pf being with this life process.
Without an ongoing careful consideration, we get easily dragged into stronger polarisations and states of insensibility.  
   The more deeply we observe and understand the nature of our mind, so much more deeply we are capable to understand the others and the reality. ……
 By unconsciously identifying with the reaction patterns or fighting against them, we are strengthening them. But by taking care in such a way that we impartially observe and stay wakefully present, we gain a conscious distance to these automatic processes. Thus we become capable to consider the wholeness of the situation intelligently and creatively.  
  Otherwise, we also can get unconsciously pulled in to a way of reacting where we become hard and violent towards others who are trapped in their roles of power and positions and are being ugly and unloving! If we follow such a mind process blindly, we are supporting this inner automatism in the other and in ourselves -and thus feeding and strengthening that which is our real common barrier – the unconscious entanglement in the inner automatism……    
  The more we make ourselves dependent on the automation in our daily life and indulge carelessly in artificial intelligence, the more robot-like we become ! ! !
It is our blind identification with our inner mechanism of the logical rational mind with its unconscious conditionings that are reducing our lives into a robot-like state – loosing all the finer qualities of care and human sensitivity.
Only in such inner states do we become so emotionally cold and become so cruel!
Some of those law enforcement officers seen in the video documentation or those parents who misuse and are so heartless to their own children as some of the videos on child abuse show or our tendency to close our eyes and turn away to tolerate such massive cruelty which we human beings inflict on the speechless fellow living beings, by enclosing them in such unsensible conditions and slaughtering them, the disastrous eroding of the rain forests and careless destruction of the living space of many species of animals and the natural folks – these are all symptoms of our societies which has lost the inner balance!

  We have a choice! The life process simply supports us for whatsoever we choose !!! We on an individual level have to decide and inwardly commit towards ourselves and the life process to take a deeper responsibility for what we manifest the life energy.
 To destroy is easy, it needs not much intelligence – we are just easily slipping in to it ! But to create we have to decide; be persistent, patient, and go gracefully and carefully with our fantasy into questioning our settled attitudes and habits …..
  Becoming a compassionate friend to oneself, the risk to be inwardly open, and be transparent to oneself about all that is going on within – behind all that we do or avoid to do. It is an individual, inner commitment which those who understand these basic factors make silently within one’s heart, which can bring about a real difference in this world ….. enabling you to make your life a celebration of the potential of love, which exists hidden in each of us as a seed in our heart……
   Take some moments to silently consider all this. Time is energy. The time you take like this for the benefit of all becomes the positive energy which is very powerful. In this way take often the time in your daily life to silently consider ……
    In our commitment to go consciously and creatively, it will be valuable to observe, recognise and remember – life, the creator and the creation is supporting us in many visible and invisible ways…..
            Bhashkar Perinchery

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