The Mother of the Messiah – The Journey of Hope

The young girl’s parents died during an unstable political situation in her home country. She left her country with many other people and met an old man on her journey. As they were both alone and without relatives, they decided to stay together and help each other. The old man protected her by claiming she was his granddaughter and she helped him by walking long distances with him and cooking him food.

One day they found a new-born baby with no one to take care of it. The girl immediately took the baby into her care and looked after it. People thought she was the mother of the new-born and helped her as much as they could. No man dared approach her with any intentions because of the supposed grandfather and the baby.

In an unknown village, they found accommodation on a farm. The farmers also needed help because it was harvest time, so they offered them a job and they could stay there longer and also got good food.

Meanwhile, the girl felt like the baby’s mother and loved the baby more than anything. The city officials spotted the three during their routine inspection tour and asked about the baby’s father. The girl knew that she would lose the baby if she told the truth, so she told them that she had a dream one day and that God had revealed to her that he would send his son to help people. When she woke up, she said that she was very pregnant and had given birth to the child.

One of the officials said that the star with a tail that had been visible for a week could be a sign telling the people that the Messiah they had long been waiting for had arrived.
This news gave new hope to all the inhabitants and the political situation at that time also calmed down.

This is the story of the birth of a Messiah.

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