positive test results during Corona Period

Morning around 10 AM. After a heavy breakfast, I was relaxing in my chair watching TV.
The young man who is staying as my neighbour in our apartment came and said. “Uncle, can you give me the key to your scooter. I want to go out urgently.”¬† I said no problem and handed over the key to him.
After half an hour, he came back. He was crying. He gave back the key, hugged me, and said in a low voice “Thank you.” and went to his flat.
Worried, I just followed him upto his door. I could hear his voice inside and he was saying “The lab results came. The test is positive”
I was shocked beyond belief.  I suddenly remembered that he had hugged me. I went to the bathroom, used an entire soap to wash myself in four buckets of Dettol water. Afterwards, I came to the basement, washed my scooter with surf excel and half a bottle of Dettol.
I was extremely angry. I then went to his house and standing outside started shouting at him. I asked him how he can do this to me and why he hugged me after testing positive.
He came out with a surprised look and said, “Uncle, why are you angry? I went to get the result of pregnancy test for my wife. It is positive. I am going to become a father.
Beware. In this Covid era, all positive test results are not covid.
Author Unknown

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