Men always need women

First it is Vidya (education),
then Lakshmi (wealth)
and finally it is Shanti (peace).

From Usha (dawn) to
Sandhya (dusk)
we are at work – seeking
Annapurna (food).

At Nisha (night) we
seek Nindiya (sleep)
and Swapna (dreams).
Whether we chant the
Gayatri (mantra) or
read the Gita (epic), or
we do Vandana, Puja
or Aarti with Shradha
towards God to pray,
we are still with women.

If dark,
we want Jyoti (light),
if lonely we want
Prema and Sneha(love n friendship).
If we are at war,
we want Jaya (victory).

When we grow older
we want Karuna (sympathy) or
From those who are angry with us
we want Kshama क्षमा (forgiveness).

I hope you understand my Bhavna

It is a Woman’s World..

So don’t be a Woman who needs a Man,
be a Woman a Man needs.

Everyday is then International Women’s Day.

  • Dedicated to All the Women in the World!!!*


O’ adorable woman,
You are the life of man;
Pivot of the family,
Turning home to heaven.

In studies and career,
With man you equate;
For the understanding man,
You are perfect soulmate.

You bear child in womb,
For new life to blossom;
And feed the newborn,
Milk from your bosom.

For the young toddler,
You are the prime keeper;
The world and playmate,
The very first teacher.

You nurture the children,
With love and affection;
Their progress in life,
Shows your reflection.

Adhere to great values,
Pass them on to children;
Fill great talents in them,
Make them worthy citizen.

You are the grand fusion,
Of God’s Power and Illusion;
For the noble ones ‘Mother’,
For some, sensory delusion.

You are man’s mother, sister,
Wife, daughter or friend;
In all these relationships,
Be sincere from your end.

You complement the man,
And complete the family;
You are better half no doubt,
A fact accepted liberally.

Come out of your veil,
You are not only a mistress;
In all fields of activity,
Show your worth & prowess.

Don’t feel constrained,
Tear the taboos asunder;
Empower your self-esteem;
The following do remember:

Modesty is real beauty,
It is pure and pristine;
Grace & culture ornaments,
Made of character genuine.

Where women are respected,
There gods happily reside;
Big blessings of prosperity
and success they provide.

May You be the Shakti,
Your husband, Lord Shiva;
May your children be
like Ganesh and Kaartikeya.

May Lord Shiva and Shakti enlighten people of Nation;
To slay demons of Gender
inequality & discrimination.

International Women’s Day
is acclaim of womanhood;
Embodiment of sacrifice,
Love, charm & motherhood.

–Composed by Rajeev Gupta on the International Women’s Day

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