Kalam’s Check

In 2014, a company called ‘Saubhagya Wet Grinder’ was a sponsor in some event where A P J Abdul Kalam was the chief guest.
The sponsor presented a gift to him which he respectfully declined to accept. The sponsor explained that it was just a grinder and requested him to accept. He took the gift without any further argument.
Next day he sent his person to the market to find out the price of the grinder. He later made out a cheque from his personal account of the market price and sent it across to the company. As expected the company decided not to deposit the cheque. The story does not end here. He followed up with his bank and when the due deduction did not happen in time, he informed the company to deposit the cheque or else he would be constrained to send the grinder back. Seeing his resolve, the company deposited the cheque but made a photocopy of the same and framed it and kept it on display. This is the picture of that cheque.
How many in the high offices can match this level of public life?

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