Gandhiji on Vidhya and Vaidhya

Gandhiji in London 1931 told the press. U have uprooted the “beautiful tree” of our indigenous culture and allowed it to die and decay. And, he gave the example of our education and health services, Vidya & Vaidya! Both were handled by men of wisdom, of tyaga & seva. Instead of criticism & uprooting them, u could have nurtured them, helped them but u deliberately uprooted them.
Of course, the British press were critical of him but later his followers investigated in British libraries and have published a book “beautiful tree” giving details of our schooling. Every mohalla had Mentors, every family had their mentor and maybe under a tree advised people of their vocation, letters if they were interested + established them in daily SELF-development, character was focus. Vocation was learned thru family, mentors, and schooling was practical & catered to the needs of family vocation, community not mere irrelevant subjects for degree.

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