Dreaming solutions

When we encounter a problem, we start thinking about it to find a solution. The bigger the problems are the more intensively we think or ponder, but at some point, when we can’t think of a solution anymore, we take a break or rather our brain forces us to do so. But our brain or let’s say our mind, continues the thinking process in the subconscious.

Now I wonder if it could be that the mind thinks it has found a solution and it projects it to us in the form of a dream?

There have often been difficult situations in my life so far. Once I was faced with an impassable challenge. No matter what I tried, I encountered resistance or ended up in a dead-end. Even the supports of friends and acquaintances or my family did not help me. My people in India had taught me to ask nature for advice in such cases. Nature always answered but sometimes I did not understand anything.

One day, no, it was at night, I had a strange dream. Still in the night I woke up, wrote some lines of the dream on a sheet of paper, and went to sleep again. The next morning I tried to read my own scribbles, it was not easy, but I could remember the dream.

From the note I gathered that a street vendor was pushing his cart, some children were teasing him, then running away, and he was yelling at them. Two young men approached me; one of them was taller, fair-skinned, and had a big Afro hairstyle. The other was shorter, fatter, dark-skinned, and pushing a baby carriage. It was strange because there was an oversized alarm clock in the stroller. They were talking to each other and laughing in amusement. They walked close to me but they didn’t notice me at all, as if I were invisible. Suddenly I found myself in a car that was driving fast, but backwards! Only with difficulty, I could bring it to a stop and I woke up.

On that day I often thought about the dream and that it was probably a clue, it was somehow plausible. From that moment I turned around and reorganized my life. Little by little I got my problems under control.

 I think I would never have thought of it myself. Now I ask myself and also you, dear readers, who was at work here, my brain as hardware, in this case, the soft gray cells? Or was it about my spirit as software, which led me the way to the turn as a solution?

I do not speak here of the religious conception of a soul but from the view of science.

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