Benefits of Applying oil to the soles of your feet

  1.  One woman wrote that her grandfather died at the age of 87, never had a backache, no joint pain, no headaches, no tooth loss. On the advice of an old man who lived in Calcutta her grandfather (then a young boy) working and laying stones on the railway line started to apply oil on the soles of his feet every night before bedtime. “It was my only source of treatment and fitness” (he said)

  2.  One student said that his mother insisted on applying oil in the same way.  Then he also said that as a child, his vision was very poor. When she continued this practice, his eye sight gradually improved  and were healthier.

  3.  A businessman wrote that when he went to Chitral for a holiday.  “I slept in a hotel and could not sleep”. I then went for a walk and got talking to an elderly watchman on his night shift. He asked me “What’s the matter?”
I said I could NOT sleep!  He simply smiled and said, “Do you have any oil?” 

I said NO and the next thing he gave me some of his oil and said, “Massage the soles of your feet for a few minutes.” 

I did so on returning to my room and shortly fell asleep.  I’ve kept applying the oil nightly and no longer struggle to sleep .

  4.  The nightly massage of the soles of my feet has also relieved fatigue etc

  5.  I had a stomach problem.  After massaging with the oil on my feet and my stomach the problem vanished in 2 days.

  6.  The above practice has a therapeutic effect.  I massaged the soles of my feet with oil before going to sleep at night.  This has improved my quality of sleep.

  7. I have been doing this  for the last 15 years.  It always works!!!  I also massage my children’s feet and they too reap the benefits of being happy and healthy.

  8. My feet used to ache.  As soon as I started to massage the soles of my feet with olive oil daily for 2 minutes before going to sleep at night.  This practice brought me immediate relief from the pain in my legs.

  9.  My legs were always swollen and when I walked, I used to get tired.  I started to apply the oil and massaged the soles of my feet before bedtime …. In just 2 days, the swelling of my legs completely disappeared.

  10 At night, before going to bed, I would apply the oil on the soles of my feet and would always get a peaceful night sleep.

  1 1.  It is truly a wonderful remedy, it replaces the need to take sleeping tablets and guarantees a restful sleep. 

  12 My grandfather regularly experienced a burning sensation in his feet and had a headache.  He was advised to apply pumpkin oil on his feet and within a short time the pain disappeared.

  13. I had a thyroid issue and my leg was hurting all the time.  Last year someone suggested to me to massage oil on the soles of my feet before going to bed.  After a short period, I am now pain free permanently. 

  14.  My feet were very painful and shortly after massaging the soles of my feet with oil for four days before bedtime.  I can feel a big improvement.

  15. I had hemorrhoids thirteen years ago.  My friend took me to a Sage who was 90 years old.  He suggested rubbing oil on the palms of my hands, between my fingers/between my fingernails, and on my nails and said: “Add four to five drops of oil to your navel before bedtime”.  I did so and the situation corrected itself.  This also solved my constipation problem.  My body no longer feels tired and feels more relaxed.  It has also stopped me from snoring.

  16.  The oil massage on the soles of the feet is a tried and tested …. try it for yourself

  17.  Massaging the soles of my feet with oil improved my sleep

  18. I had pain in my legs and knees, but after massaging the oil on the soles of my feet which I do  nightly, I no longer have pain and I now sleep deeply and wake up refreshed

  19. Ever since I started massaging oil on the soles of my feet before going to bed, I have had no backache.  My back pain has subsided and thank God I have slept better and deeply.

  The remedy is very simple, very short, very easy …. Simply Apply any oil, mustard or olive, etc on the soles of your feet and massage ideally for three minutes.

Never forget to massage the soles of the feet at bedtime, and massage your children’s feet in the same way. 

Make it a nightly routine for the rest of your life and watch  nature do the rest.

 According to ancient Chinese medicine, there are about 100 acupressure points under the feet.  Human organs are also cured by pressing and massaging them.

 It is said.  Foot massage therapy is used worldwide.


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